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Coaching engineers to become leaders and managers is what I do best!


Engineering Your Path to Management

I am a Performance Engineering Coach and I help engineers with under 15 years of working experience who want to be managers and leaders.

Let's Play the Game

Like any RPG game, we go on this adventure to build the character, and strength skills just to level up to accomplish the ultimate mission.   

With this Level Up program we will go into the 7 Quests and build your personal Quest to be the Manager in your organisation. 

Do you feel stuck in the endless journey of never becoming leader? Join my program and you will be on your own quest and we will turn it into your personal adventure into being a manager or leader. 

Turn your challenge into your personal quest into becoming a manager or leader.




Hi, I'm Justin Gerard

As a coach, I believe that every person has a unique purpose and potential to fulfill in this world. My quest to this belief started with my study of Human Needs Psychology, which taught me about the deep desires that motivate people to take action. Through my work with clients, I’ve seen firsthand how understanding these desires can lead to profound breakthroughs and transformations in life.

My own quest has been a hero’s journey, full of challenges and obstacles that I had to overcome in order to discover my own purpose and potential.

Along the way, I discovered something….

The Game-Changing Program You Need To


Do you feel stuck in the endless journey of never becoming leader?

Are you struggling with an Endless Loop?

  • Struggling to prove yourself at work but can’t seem to get the recognition you deserve?
  • Are you struggling to get the confidence to ask for a raise but always fall short?
  • Are you stuck in the same job and feel like you are in a matrix?
Like software, our minds are also programmed with loops. All skills, habits, and personality traits were reinforced, conditioned and rewarded by constant repetition.
Addiction is a loop. We eat, drink or smoke, in order to feel something. We feel horrible the next day, and we start the loop again and our lives get worse and worse.

It’s hard to believe that loops of code can build a video game. It’s hard to believe that our thoughts, behavior, and our lives could be build through loops.


Start writing your own code here and LEVEL UP to that leadership and management role you’ve been eyeing on!

Are you making these mistakeS?

People who are struggling to make the jump to be a leader or management frequently make these mistakes

  • They avoid the pain of learning something new and stick to what they know best.
  • They seek and expect comfort and security in their new role and thus never build the courage to take the risk and make mistakes.
  • They don’t have a clear path/map to follow.
  • They don’t have the right mindset, principles, and tools.

These mistakes often cause a domino effect of negative behavior such as struggling with self-doubt, procrastination and low self esteem and eventually giving up on their goals.

The only way to overcome this is to LEVEL UP! 

To break the loop you need to Grow out of it. These skills are often overlooked and anyone can develop them with the right guidance and support. It’s not easy and it takes commitment and consistent action. 

This is where I come in to help you build these skills that anyone can develop by enrolling in my LEVEL UP Program.


Who is this for?

People who are ready to commit to improving their life.
People who are ready to take action .
People who are open-minded and willing to test new things.
People who are ready to invest in themselves.

Who is this NOT for?

People who are looking for a quick fix.
People who are not willing to take responsibility for their life.
People who think that things will get better without them changing something.
People who just want to try one or two sessions.
People who are not ready to commit himself/herself.

Program Quests Throughout the journey of the LEVEL UP program, you will experience the 7 Quests



Identify your driving force



Rewrite the stories that hold you back


Strength Quest

Identify Strength and exploit it



What do you stand for?



Creating an empowering vision



Engineering Hack to Management



Engineering Hack to Leadership

SECRET LEVEL Move forward with the secret step towards management after completing the 7 quests


This is the “CHEAT CODE” you’ve been looking for!

While there are no shortcuts to success, I believe being coached is the  “cheat code” and fast track to success.
The world’s top performers, athletes, and entrepreneurs all have coaches.
That’s not a coincidence.

When you work with a Coach/Mentor, you get access to their guidance, knowledge, and expertise, instead of spending valuable time figuring it out yourself and conducting trial-and-error experiments.
This saves you a lot’s time, energy, money, and PAIN!

I have helped many clients make significant improvements and progress in their life.

Since 2010, I have been obsessed with mastering different areas of my life (finance, emotion, communication, relationship, career, business, spirituality, health, and the mind) and I have the desire to make these areas of life the way I want them to be. This obsession led me to study personal development, peak performance, physiology, NLP, and business. I’ve acquired multiple coaching accreditations and coaching hours, and I’ve been coached by exceptional coaches and mentors myself.


My point is…


I’m serious about this and I bring it all into my coaching


Are you ready to give this your best shot?


If so, the only question is: Are we the right match?


Let’s talk and find out.

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